Karfagen "Magicians Theater & Spell " 2016 Live in Konin "Oscard"(PL)

Karfagen - Magicians Theater & Spell

VIDEO FROM THE TOUR - Venue: De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands. Date: 10-04-2016

Karfagen Journey Through The Looking Glass and A Winters Tale Part 2

New Album

Karfagen 7


The Seventh Karfagen chapter is a journey into the myths and legends, a search for the truth within the figments of the imagination, everything and everywhere. It concerns the mighty luck and inexplicable power of “7”.

Things that impress folk so much that it can even become an obsession taking over there whole lives. WOW such power. “7” Centred around the epic track “Seven Gates” which was created during spring 2015.

It captures the direction to the entire albums mood. It`s the first time the whole material for one of my albums was written just some 4 - 5 months before its release date. As usual while finishing an album I have some demos, some ideas for the future one. In case with “7” - all the previously composed demos I left for the 8th Karfagen album “Omnitenna”, as the concept of the “7” captured me as well.

Talking about the sound of the album, I've done my best to create it with the variety of being both dynamic and also allowing the music to breath. To recreate late 70’s prog “tone” that I still enjoy so much today.

Karfagen 7 CD is available now from Caerllysi Music


Track Listing:

1. Seven Gates 28:27
2. Now and Ever 6:36
3. Hopeless Dreamer 7:36
4. Alight Again 9:25
bonus track 5. Seven Gates (edited version) 15:25
Total Time: 67:29


Composed & arranged by Antony Kalugin
Antony Kalugin: keys, vocals, percussion, programming.
Max Velychko: el. & ac. guitars
Olha Rostovska: vocals
Kostya Shepelenko: drums
Oleg Prokhorov: bass
Will Mackie: narration
Ivan Rubanckyuk: drums (tr. 2)
Sergii Kovalov: bayan, accordion (tr. 1,5)
Helen Bour: oboe
Lesya Kofanova: flute, recorder

Video Teaser:

Karfagen 7

Audio Samples:


`7', the most unassuming and sweet-hearted Karfagen release to date, is another tasteful collection of lavish instrumentation and pleasing vocals from a talented group of musicians who never disappoint.
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Karfagen 7

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