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Karfagen - Spektra



Karfagen - Spektra will be available 28th November 2016 from Caerllysi Music


RELEASE DATE - 28th November 2016

Watch this space for details as they emerge!

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The Seventh Karfagen chapter is a journey into the myths and legends, a search for the truth within the figments of the imagination, everything and everywhere. It concerns the mighty luck and inexplicable power of “7”.


`7', the most unassuming and sweet-hearted Karfagen release to date, is another tasteful collection of lavish instrumentation and pleasing vocals from a talented group of musicians who never disappoint.
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Karfagen - Magicians Theater
6th Karfagen album. Recorded in Ukraine-France in 2013-2014. Original artwork paintings by Alla Navrotska. Composed, mixed and mastered by Antony Kalugin.


Hoggwash Spellbound – is the second incredible journey into the depths of natures hidden corners. At long last the second Hoggwash album is here.


AKP - Live In France Bootleg DVD 2012
With limited facilities Antony has recreated a real live band sound of his festival appearance at Crescendo France in 2012.

New Videos

Karfagen Yuletide Live HD720 Oscard Konin PL 04 15 2016

AKP - Sunchild "Isolation part 4" live 2016

AKP - Sunchild Isolation part 4 live 2016

Karfagen "Magicians Theater & Spell " 2016 Live in Konin "Oscard"(PL)

Karfagen - Magicians Theater & Spell

VIDEO FROM THE TOUR - Venue: De Pul, Uden, The Netherlands. Date: 10-04-2016

Karfagen Journey Through The Looking Glass and A Winters Tale Part 2